How to drive efficiencies in the age of COVID Cover

COVID-19 has swept aside our ‘normal’. In a matter of months, we moved to working from home, adopting digital work solutions at a rate of knots. By March of 2020, Zoom had added more new members than it had throughout the entirety of 2019.

In this new world, one of the most important aspects of our lives, both personal and professional: communication, has been profoundly affected. However, remote interpreting using digital platforms has provided a communications lifeline, allowing the public sector to maintain crucial levels of accessibility and for the private sector to continue business across language barriers uninterrupted.



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“Amidst this foray, remote interpretation has emerged as a bolster for one the most important aspects of our everyday operations: communication. Remote solutions have kept pace with the new digital expectations of staff and consumers or service users, reduced health risks by maintaining social distancing, and provided more cost-efficient solutions when they’ve been needed the most.”

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