Brexit Employment Visual Guides

The Government has introduced a new points-based immigration system and EU citizens in the UK need to apply for settlement.

We’ve pulled together two visual guides to help you make sense of these new restrictions, for both existing employees and potential new talent from overseas. Help yourself cut through some of the red tape by understanding the UK’s new post-Brexit employment rules.



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Quote from the whitepaper

“For those firms or indeed public bodies looking to hire from outside of the UK, the EU deal and the government’s new immigration scheme have added a new barrier. The points-based system, modelled on those of countries such as Australia, means that new arrivals to the UK must meet a minimum of 70 points, paid for with their skills, characteristics, and salary expectations. Preference is no longer given to immigrants from the EU.”

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Understand the new points-based system


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Know the status of existing overseas staff


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Plan for red tape involved in overseas employment